Diving in North America

    Anita's Wreck Anita s Wreck, USA

    The Blue water bridge is a nice drift dive, a couple of wrecks.

    Ansell Place Ansell Place, Canada

    The access to this site can be slightly difficult as you need to go down wooden steps, climb down rock steps and cross tidal rocks.

    Anteres Pensacola, USA

    The 400' long Anteres was sunk in 1995 as an artificial reef 21 miles ESE of Pensacola Pass. Depths range 90-135í. Broken and resting on her port side.

    Apopka Spring Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    The spring pool is roughly circular, between 100 and 200 ft in diameter in a semitropical swamp.When spring flow is high, the pool is clean and clear, but when flow is low, murky lake water may cloud the pool. Advanced level cave diving (bring your light!).
    The Aquarius underwater ocean laboratory is located in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary three and a half miles off-shore in Conch Reef. The laboratory is currently in 60 feet of water but is built to withstand depths of up to 120 feet. The actually laboratory is home to scientists who live…

    Araby Maid wreck Keys, USA

    Araby Maid was a 195-foot steel vessel. This masted schooner barque was built in 1868. She sank after a collision in 1903. It's a DEEP WRECK for ADVANCED DIVERS!

    Arbuckle Lake Arbuckle Lake, USA

    Arch Reef LA County, USA

    Lobster, abalone pelagics and big fish

    Arch Rock Cove Santa Barbara, USA


    Archery Range LA County, USA

    Access from shore involse a car shuttle and a long hike down a gated dirt road. The diving is shallow with little to no visibility, but when the vis is good you will find fish and nudibranchs galore. Hopkin's Rose nudis are on nearly every rock in 5-10 feet of water.

    Arches Ni'ihau, USA

    Aristos Cancun, Mexico

    Army Tanks Miami, USA

    There are two M60 Army Tanks placed in 15m deep by the DERM in June of 1994. It is an interesting dive, cos tanks are now an oasis of life...

    Athens Scuba Park Athens Scuba Park, USA

    When you just absolutely need to get wet...Underwater attractions: Small passenger jet; country music star Ray Price's tour bus; various vehicles and sundry items.

    Aurora Resevior Aurora Resevior, USA

    Aurora Resevior is over what was formerly a U.S. Air Force gunnery range, so there is the *very* occassional ordinance to be found.This is not even remotely likely, but keep an eye on your compass while down there.The vis is ok if you're the first ones in after some time.The bottom is mud, loaded…

    Avocet Pensacola, USA

    The 250? long dredge ?Avocet? was sunk as an artificial reef in 1991 approximately 21 miles SSE of Pensacola Pass. The upper structure of the wreck has been torn off and scattered by hurricanes. Depths range 90-130?. The Avocet's close proximity to the ?Edge? often brings in large pelagic fish…

    Back Side Maui, USA

    Nice site to dive.You must have a boat to reach the area. Snorkelers and other dive companies usually frequent the inside of the crater, but not so busy on the back. The back wall drops beyond 200'-300' and the visibility is usually good.There were several reef sharks and a few whales on my trip.If…

    Bainbridge Sportsmanship Club Bainbridge Sportsmanship Club, USA

    Lots to see. Many sunken objects such as airplanes, cement trucks, bulldozers, and such. Very relaxing dive

    Balmorhea State Park Balmorhea State Park, USA

    1.5 acre pool over San Solomon Springs, built by Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930's.Visibility is very good, lots of fish, turtles, and it's the only diving for hundreds of miles around.Desert Divers dive shop in Toyahville.Motel & camping facilities in park.

    Bandera Reef Cancun, Mexico

    For high advanced level divers, drift dive. Bandera reef is a long coral reef topped with elk horn coral. National park for schools of barracudas, turtles, lumberjacks and pampano swimming over the reef.

    Bear Cove Vancouver Island, Canada

    This location should really be done as a night dive, in order to avoid the problem of boat traffic. Other than that, this is one of the easiest places to get in and out of the water.

    Bechers Cove Santa Barbara, USA

    Scallops and fish with kelp

    Bee Rock Santa Barbara, USA

    Kelp, calico bass, sheepheads, Gariboldi, lingcod, abalone, nudibranchs and sea Lions

    Begg Rock LA County, USA

    Giant Scallops. Pelagics

    Bell Island Bell Island, USA

    Great wall dive. Large lingcod in the area. Other aquatic life includes: starfish, sunstars, and crabs.

    Ben Weston Point LA County, USA

    Great night diving for lobster

    Big Creek Iowa, USA

    Limited Visibility, Heavily silted bottom. Not many terrain features. Some Christmas trees in the deepest part near the dam used as fish hatcheries.

    Big Geiger Cove LA County, USA

    Sandy bottom and kelp in the rocks

    Bill Boyd Fort Lauderdale, USA

    The Bill Boyd is a deep dive only for Technical divers.The coral and fish of the wreck are great.Depth limits the bottom time, but it's worth diving this deep.She is a 211 foot German freighter (built in Hamburg in 1964) that was sunk as an artificial reef on July 18, 1986. Today she sits upright in…

    Bill Perry Jr Reef Bill Perry Jr Reef, USA

    This site contains a tugboat, several Navy landing craft, a shrimp trawler. Swim the Landing Craft deck or crew quarters. Popular swim through. Good site to see grouper, snapper, and tropical fish.

    Biltmore Santa Barbara, USA

    Several low reefs off the beach provide habitat for fish and footing for kelp. Occasionally you'll see horn sharks on the sand.

    Binnacle Rock LA County, USA

    Normally a follow up from Church Rock

    Bird Rock Orange County, USA

    Invertebrates, Garaboldi Sheepshead, sea Stars

    Bird Rock Wall LA County, USA

    Biscayne wreck Miami, USA

    Bishop Rock LA County, USA

    Great spot for Lobster and big fish. pelagics

    Black Hole Naples, USA

    Bulb shape sink-hole

    Black Point LA County, USA

    Kelp, sand and all the fish you want

    Black Point Santa Barbara, USA

    Kelp, Calico Bass, Garaboldi, Ling Cod and sheepshead
    Nice, easy access snorkeling site from the beach. First 30 meters (100ft) or so of the approx. 80moutcropping is excellent for showing kids underwater reef life. Off of the end current becomes an issue and it seemed like most of the flora and fauna was along the wall from the beach to the end. Have…