Diving in North America

    Blue Cavern LA County, USA

    Blue cavern is a fantastic wide-angle photography site.

    Blue Grotto Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    A massive sinkhole angling down to a depth of 100 feet makes this the deepest of the cavern springs on WadesPage. An air bell at 30' adds interest and a million candlepower underwater light system adds to the safety. There is no current, and the water temperature is the constant 72F of Florida's…

    Blue Heron Bridge Palm Beach, USA

    You must bring a flag and they don't allow scuba in the swim area in front of the lifeguard stand. If you go off the beach and to the east you can dive the little bridge, or you can dive to the west of the beach around the pylons under the larger portion. You can also go east an west around the…

    Blue Lagoon Scuba Park Blue Lagoon Scuba Park, USA

    Blue Lagoon Scuba Park outside of Huntsville, TX is a good training site. Good for OW and Rescue training. Great camping.

    Blue Lake Blue Lake, USA

    Large Warm Springs About75'-80'A Few Fish. Two small boats,and severalsculptures on the bottem.Gets silty and cuts visibility with multiple groups.Two platforms at 20 feet for instruction.

    Blue Springs Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    Blue spring is well known for its manatees (they usually come up from St John's river during winter season). Remember that Manatees are protected animals (you should not be less than 50 feet from them).To enter the spring, go N past the concession area, you will find steps. The cave is located at…

    blue springs Blue springs, USA

    Blue Water Blue Water, USA

    Snorkeling, Scuba all levels and training. Many "dive sites" Full dive shop, coffee shop, Changing rooms, showers, etc.

    BlueFire Wreck Miami, USA

    The Blue Fire, a 175-ft freighter, was sunk in January 1983 in 110-ft of water.This vessel was seized by the Coast Guard during the Cuban Exodus. This wreck is fairly broken up, though sits fairly upright on a white sandy bottom. It is an easy and safe wreck to penetrate and abounds with sea life…

    Boca Grande Wreck Naples, USA

    Bonne Terre Mine Bonne Terre Mine, USA

    Very unique dive. Great winter dive as temperatures are essentially constant year round.

    Bonneville Seabase Bonneville Seabase, USA

    Anglefish, Butterfly Fish, Nurse Sharks

    Bourgeoisie Cove Orange County, USA

    Boutiliers Point Boutiliers Point, Canada

    Good site to see Atlantic Lobster

    Bowen Point Santa Barbara, USA

    Lobsters in the rocks and abalone. Ling Cod.

    Bowyer Island Bowyer Island, Canada


    Bp-25 Reef Bp-25 Reef, USA

    This site features a 280 ft Panamian tanker sunk withloads of coral growth. NYC Subway cars are all over the site providing a new home to grouper and loggerhead sea turtles Loads of fish!!! (Advance Site)

    Braemar Avenue Vancouver Island, Canada

    This dive site is very good for beginners. Not good for wheel chairs as you need to take the stairs down to the beach. But from the parking area to the beach is less than 50 feet.

    Brant Rock Brant Rock, USA


    Brass Wreck Pensacola, USA

    A classick wreck dive. The Brass Wreck is an unidentified 19th century schooner.It was given this name due to many brass pins being found on or near the site. The marine life is abundant:Flounder, Snapper, Grouper, Barracudas, Trigger, Amberjack, etc.Characteristics:Type: Wooden schoonerLength: 250…

    Break Water Island Vancouver Island, Canada

    This dive site is sensitive to current. It has an interesting rock structure, with homes for a few wolf eels. I'd rate this dive between standard and good.

    Breakers Reef Palm Beach, USA

    Interesting drift dive.

    Breakwater Monterrey, USA

    Broken Bow Lake Broken Bow Lake, USA


    Browning Pass Vancouver Island, Canada

    This is one of Vancouver Island's best cold water dive spots.Mild currents wash additional nutrients into this pass creating anabundance of wild life and coral.There is a wreck nearby which hasbecome home to wolf eels and several deep drop off walls.Queen Charlotte Strait supports one of the earths…

    Brownstone Exploration and… Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park, USA

    This is a Park used for Dive Training and just plain diving. More info at http://brownstonepark.com/scuba/

    Bruce Rush Reef Bruce Rush Reef, USA

    65 Ft Fishing boat. A cool wheel house (Capt's Helm) where you may sit and look out over the ship. This is a great photo opportunity.

    Bull City LA County, USA

    Bull Ridge Pensacola, USA

    Bull Shoals Lake Bull Shoals Lake, USA

    House boat diving weekends.

    Butterfly House Monterrey, USA


    Cabrillo Beach LA County, USA

    Although the visibility is usually poor here, at times it can be good enough to have a great dive. It is the easiest access in Los Angeles county. Little to no surf, packed sand and the reef begins a short distance from shore. Showers and restrooms are right next to the sand. The Cabrillo Marine…

    Cape Cortes LA County, USA

    Rays, kelp, gorgonians, Horn Sharks

    Captain John's Dive Park Captain John s Dive Park, USA


    Casino Point LA County, USA

    Casino Point is one of the most popular dive sites in California and deservingly so.The city of Avalon has done a great job making the city and Dive Sites very Diver friendly.The Dive Site itself is easily accessible via the stairway leading directly into the water from the walkway.Once in the…

    Castle Lake Siskiyou County, USA

    Cold water lake dive. good for dry suit training

    Castle Rock LA County, USA

    Caves and kelp forrests. Lobsters and pelagics

    Castle Rock Santa Barbara, USA

    Big scallops and lots of stuff on and in the rocks

    Cat Canyon LA County, USA

    Great dive with sea lions

    Cathedrals Maui, USA