Diving in North America

    Catherine Pensacola, USA

    The Norwegian Bark ?Catherine? ran aground and sank off Santa Rosa Island in the early 1900?s. Her remains lie in 15-18? of water, approxiamtely 300 yards off the beach near Fort Pickens. A fantastic dive site, but not recommended as a shore dive due to tidal surge , rapidly changing conditions and…

    Cayman Salvager Keys, USA

    The Cayman Salvager now lies one mile southwest of the Nine-Foot Stake. This 187-foot steel-hulled buoy tender was built in 1937 for Coast Guard usage and was later used as a cable layer and for freighting. The US Government seized this vessel because she was carrying Cuban refugees during the 1979…

    Cedar Island Ledge Isle of Shoals, USA

    Cenote Carwash

    Cenote Carwash Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    Cenote PonDeRosa Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    Cenote Taj Mahal Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    beautiful cenote with three rooms in which light enters from above in a beam that leaves you puzzled. Halocline hallucinations

    Cerulean Springs Kentucky, USA

    Chankanaab Bolones Cozumel, Mexico

    Large coral heads scattered all over the bottom. Plenty of local marine life. The Atlantis submarine occasionally visits the site and can be seen by divers.

    Cherokee Sink Northwest Florida Springs, USA

    Cherry Cove LA County, USA

    Reef inside Ismus good for fish and some small sharks on sandy bottom some Kelp

    Chevron Rig Pensacola, USA

    Unemployed oil rig deployed as an artificial reef in 1993. Depths range from 70-135í. The tremendous amount of marine life that inhabits and visits the rig makes this a spectacular dive and fishing site and a favorite for lobster hunters

    Chikin Ha Cenote Cenotes, Mexico

    entrance fee

    China Creek Wall Vancouver Island, Canada

    The wall is readily visible from shore and requires little effort to get there.Visibility is good and there are interesting artefacts to view, like a phone both and a small boat and a tug boat.There is little in the way of life, but you will see some rat fish.

    China Creek Wreck China Creek Wreck, Canada

    The wreck is accessible by starting off from campsite No 44. Beach entry headed south go to depth contour 80 Ft and turn right following that depth. You will hit the wreck within 5-10 min. This was a chinese fishing vessel bringing over refugees.

    China Point LA County, USA

    Rocky with kelp and sea Lions

    Chitales Cancun, Mexico

    This is a very popular reef of Cancun.
    The "Christ of the Abyss" is a 9 foot 4000 pound bronze statue made by an Italian sculptor Guido Galletti. It was placed in Key Largo Dry Rocks in 1966 by the Underwater Society of America.The Statue sits atop a large concrete base in 25 feet of water.

    Christmas Tree Cove LA County, USA

    Steep hike over slippery sand, then entry over shallow, slippery rocks. There is nice snorkeling available along the shoreline and a small kelp forest in the middle of the cove. The best diving is on the reef beyond the cove. The high spot breaks the surface at low tide. Follow this reef south and…

    Chun-zumbul Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    Church Rock LA County, USA

    Kelp and a lot of fish. Some Abalone

    City of Richmond City of Richmond, USA

    250 steel-hulledferry, five deck passenger ship that sank during a storm while being towed to the Virgin Islands. Some of the structure is still intact.

    City of Sheboygan City of Sheboygan, Canada

    FANTASTIC, in-tact wooden schooner. Mast is still upright. Buoy maintaintained by POW/Kingston.

    City Service Tanker Port Canaveral, USA

    Sunk by U-128 torpedo in February 1942. The wreck of the Cities Service Empire sits upright on a sandy floor in 70+ m of water. She is 141 m (465') long!

    Civil War Wreck Civil War Wreck, USA

    This wreck is thought to be the Governor. Many artifacts have been taken from this site. Great treasure hunter site. Cases of guns and Civil war time memorabilia.

    Clear Springs Scuba Park Clear Springs Scuba Park, USA

    Clear Springs Scuba Park is a 21 acre quary specifically for diving and dive training. It's less than an hour drive from Dallas. www.clearspringsscubapark.com

    Cleo Street Barge Orange County, USA

    old barge that sunk in the 40 or 50...good photo opps.

    Clover Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    This site is sensitive to current. But it does contain quite a bit of life, but not as much as Ogden Point.

    Coal oil point Santa Barbara, USA


    Coast Guard Pier Monterrey, USA

    The main attraction of this dive is to dive the kelp forest on the outside of the pier.It was absolutely magical (sort of like experiencing Redwood forest in 3D), with the sunlight filtering down through the kelp. We also so lots of rockfish, crabs, empty abalones, and a single shy harborseal.The…

    Coco Beach Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


    Coffins Patch Keys, USA

    This dive site is in the Sanctuary Preservation Area.

    Columbia Reef Cozumel, Mexico

    This is a great dive for photographers wanting maximum bottom time. Good second dive also.

    Comal River Comal River, USA

    Known as the "longest shortest river in the world" by locals (only 2.5 miles in length), the Comal River is a haven for tubing. As for diving, the current can be swift at times.But if you're into clean up projects, it's a great site.Just watch out for the tube shoots!

    Comet Comet, Canada

    Paddle wheels on this wreck still stick up 25' or more. Divers can swim through them. Various items still on-site; boiler, collapsed deck, etc. No entry.

    Commercial Pier Reef Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Conch Reef Keys, USA

    Conch Reef contains a Sanctuary Preservation Area, no fishing or lobstering allowed.

    Conestoga Wreck Conestoga Wreck, Canada

    The steamship Conestoga (ie SS Conestoga) was a combined passenger/cargo carrying vessel, built in 1878 in Cleveland Ohio. She was sold to a Canadian company in 1919. On 22 May, 1922, she caught fire when loaded with a cargo of wheat and sank where she lies today.

    Coopers Green Coopers Green, Canada

    Cooper's Green dive site is located in a small park at Cooper's Green in Halfmoon Bay, Sechelt. It is right beside a boat launching site, though it is well signed for the boaters to stay to the north side of the launch. There is also a small marina there. There is a small island about 50 meters off…
    SS Copenhagen Plaque

    Copenhagen Wreck Fort Lauderdale, USA

    "The 325-foot single screw steamer Copenhagen was built in 1898 just two years before she ran aground on the rock ledge out from Pompano. She was caring a cargo of coal to Havana at the time of mishap. This is one of Florida's favorite historical shipwreck dives. On May 20 1900, the vessel had…

    Copper Cliffs Vancouver Island, Canada

    This sight is best dove at slack tide. But well worth it given the abundance of life, and especially the thousands of Strawberry Anemones that coat many of the rocks and boulders.