Diving in North America

    Doc de Milly Miami, USA

    The Doc de Milly is a steel freighter built in 1949. It was sunk in 1987 (military target).Length: 287'Relief: 50'
    Sand with Halibut and Rays. Some crabs

    Doctors Cove LA County, USA

    Rays in the sand and some Halibut

    Dolphin Beach Vancouver Island, Canada

    Dona Nelly South Padre Island, USA

    The Dona Nelly was a shrimping boat that sank off the coast of South Padre Island in south Texas. Since it rests in the Gulf of Mexico in 130 fsw with some sediment, visibily can vary from remarkably clear to very limited visibility.

    Downtown Aquarium Downtown Aquarium, USA

    This site is excellent to introduce people to diving. You are guaranteed to see fish. It is weather proof, extremely safe and exciting to almost all divers. It is possible to dive with sharks or if that is not what you want you can dive with fish.

    Dutch Springs Dutch Springs, USA

    Old quarry flooded and used as dive site. Great beginner site. Lots of sunken objects to see from firetruck to helicopters.

    Eagle Reef LA County, USA

    White Abalone over 90 feet. Harbor seals. Garaboldi and sheepshead

    Eagle Rock LA County, USA

    Kelp, big fish, sea lions and lobster

    East End LA County, USA

    Big Halibut in the sand, rays and sand sharks

    East End Eagle Reef LA County, USA

    White Abalone below 90 feet

    East Jetty Destin, USA

    Destin, Florida, East Pass' east jetty is pretty much the only beach dive in the Destin area other than the Destin Marler bridge. Visibility can occasionally get above 30 feet but the average is more like 10 - 20 feet.This dive MUST be done during a slack tide period. This cannot be stressed enough!…

    East Point Santa Barbara, USA

    Sea lions, Sheepshead, Calico bass, Horn sharks and Pelagics

    Eastern dry rocks Keys, USA

    Popular dive site for scuba and snorkeling.

    Edith Lake Edith Lake, Canada

    Edmonds Breakwater Edmonds Breakwater, USA

    Enter in at the very southern end of the Edmonds Marina Breakwater.Hit the 40 foot contour and swim north-ish keep at around 40 feet.Large piles of rocks, logs, and kelp are sporadically placed making for some pretty interesting reefs.Lots of rockfish, lingcod, and cabezon.This is a high current…

    Edmonds Oil Dock Edmonds Oil Dock, USA

    The Edmonds Oil Dock has been removed.

    Edmonds Underwater Park Edmonds Underwater Park, USA

    Eel Cove LA County, USA

    Kelp around the rocks and a few fish

    Eel Point LA County, USA

    Lobsters and big fish

    Eel Point Reef LA County, USA

    Kelp and rocks. Barracuda, sheepshead and bass of all size

    Eidsvag and Owens Palm Beach, USA

    El Choyudo Tiburon Island, Mexico

    Lots of cabrilla (grouper)and lobster

    El Islote Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

    El Meco Cancun, Mexico

    A great place for learning to dive or just to spend the morning diving and snorkeling.There are companies that provide tours via jetski for snorkeling.There have been Turtle, Porpoise and Barracaduda

    El morro Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    It is a rock inhabited by marine birds outside of the Bay and at the edge of the Pacific. It is surrounded by a rocky and sandy area with depths down to 160 feet. It's landmark is a 200 foot long sea cave formed by the action of waves through thousands of years leading from the south side all the…

    El Tunel Cancun, Mexico

    Diving place where medium to strong currents are registered. This is a very large cave (reef like) with fish, turtles and dolphins.

    El Vencedor Cabo Pulmo, Mexico


    Electric Beach Oahu, USA

    This is a great dive site, much more to see under than above ;-) Summer months bring snorkeling tours out to site. Be careful of boats and bring a dive flag! Watch for turtles catch the updraft from the pipe. They look like they are really flying. DO NOT GO IN THE EXIT SURGE FROM THE PIPE YOURSELF!…

    Eleven Mile Reef Eleven Mile Reef, USA

    90 ft tugboat with a swim through. Navy A-6 attack plane nearby. A good site to see Barracuda and Spade fish. Dolphin stop by from time to time.

    Eliza H. Strong Eliza H Strong, USA

    205' long steamer wreck. This is a good dive for a first timer. Shallow, easy access, can be seen from the boat most days.

    Elliot's Beach Park Vancouver Island, Canada

    This dive site is quite nice as far as the entry goes, and there are out-houses here. This is a nice beach with picnic tables as well.Swim along the left side of the beach out to the point, and beyond.

    Elmwood Wreck Elmwood Wreck, USA

    Emerald Bay Emerald Bay, Canada

    Emerald bay El Dorado County, USA

    An interesting fresh water altitude dive with excellent visability, there is not much marine life, though the underwater forest is great to see.

    Emerald Bay LA County, USA


    Enenue Side Maui, USA

    Slope that goes from the surface to over 100 feet, if you turn the corner, and look for the shark ledges.

    Escalones Mahahual, Mexico

    It is located in front of Quinto Sol Hotel and Tequila Beach Club there is one of the most interesting dive sites in the area. Here is really easy to see groups of turtles and eagle rays.

    Escuela Mexico

    A fun dive with half coral and half sand. ' You see tons of different animals and fish

    Esso Bonnaire Palm Beach, USA

    This 147 ft Harbor Tanker lies in 90 ft of water. Sank on 23rd July 1989.